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Side Opening Containers

20ft General Purpose Dimensions

External length
6060 mm
External width
2440 mm
External height
2590 mm

Internal length
5900 mm
Internal width
2350 mm
Internal height
2350 mm

Tare Weight - 3000 kg

20ft High Cube Dimensions

External Length 
6060 mm
External Width 
2440 mm
External Height 
2890 mm

Internal Length 
5900 mm
Internal Width 
2350 mm
Internal Height 
2690 mm

Tare Weight - 2560 kg

Side opening containers offer an increased level of versatility when it comes to loading and unloading goods. You can gain access via one long side and one short end, making access easier for forklift trucks or when based on a site with limited room. At Canberra Containers we only supply in new condition, general purpose and high cube side opening containers. These suit a range of requirements, so are more versatile in meeting your storage or customising needs. These type of containers are very unique and easily turn into serveries, bars and displays for various pop up applications.

h cube
Left: Normal Right: High Cube

Suitable for the following applications

Unique Space Requirements
Various Customisation

All containers come equipped with

Standard Access at one end
Complete Side Access on one long side
Timber floors


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