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High Cube 20ft Containers - Sales

20ft High Cube Dimensions

External Length 
6060 mm
External Width 
2440 mm
External Height 
2890 mm

Internal Length 
5900 mm
Internal Width 
2350 mm
Internal Height 
2690 mm

Tare Weight - 2560 kg

After 20ft general purpose containers, 20ft high cubes are the most commonly sought-after and used storage and shipping containers. With an additional roof height compared to general purpose containers, high cubes are often modified and used as liveable and workable accommodation. Often modified as temporary site accommodation and extra rooms, High cubes are also popular with furniture removalists for additional capacity for furniture transportation.

We offer two types of 20ft high cubes. The first are configured normally with one set of doors, the second has doors at both ends allowing a walk or drive through container configuration. Generally, both are only available in One Trip New Condition.

Suitable for the following applications

Temporary site accommodation
Brand new condition only
Furniture Storage
General storage

All containers come equipped with

Double width opening doors at one end
Fully rated up to 30 tonne


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