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General Purpose 40ft Containers

General Purpose

Typical Dimensions

External length
12190 mm
External width
2440 mm
External height
2590 mm

Internal length
12030 mm
Internal width
2350 mm
Internal height
2350 mm

Tare Weight - 4000 kg

General purpose 40ft containers are the most popular and frequently used containers by our customers. They suit the storage, shipping, and transportation requirements of many businesses across a variety of industries. A general purpose 40ft or 6m storage container will comfortably store the contents of a large property. They can be used to deliver to some residential properties on a super tilt tray or sideloader. At Canberra Containers we supply a variety of general purpose 40ft containers in a range of conditions, from brand new and barely used, to well used, but still reliable. We have something to suit any budget and if you don’t see what you need, then we will try our best to source it for you.

Suitable for the following applications

  • General Storage
  • Overseas Shipping
  • Furniture Storage
  • Choices of grades and refurbishment levels from pre-loved to brand new

All containers come equipped with

Timber Floors
Double width opening doors at one end
Fully rated up to 30 tonne

High Cube Containers

Typical Dimensions

External Length
12190 mm
External Width
2440 mm
External Height
2890 mm

Internal Length
12030 mm
Internal Width
2350 mm
Internal Height
2690 mm

Tare Weight - 4200 kg

If a 20ft high cube doesn’t offer enough space for your requirements, at Canberra Containers we also supply a range of 40ft high cubes for sale. As with the 40ft high cubes we offer, 40ft high cubes are perfect for modification into a liveable or workable space, whether it’s an onsite office, or domestic accommodation. Our 40ft high cubes are also used to store and transport large pieces of machinery or plant equipment. We have both brand new and previously owned high cubes in stock, so there’s something to meet every requirement and budget. If we don’t have what you need, we will go out of our way to source and deliver exactly what you need.

Suitable for the following applications

modified solutions available 
Variety of conditions available - brand new to well used
Furniture Storage
General storage 

All containers come equipped with the following

Double width opening doors at one end
Fully rated up to 32 tonne
Timber flooring


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