Side Opening Containers for Sale or Hire

Side opening containers offer an increased level of versatility when it comes to loading and unloading. You can gain access via four doors in the one side and the two standard doors in the end, making access easier for forklift trucks or when based on a site with unique and limited .

These suit a wide range of requirements, so are more versatile in meeting your storage or customising needs. These types of containers are unique and are easily turned into serveries, bars, pop up stores and displays for various retail applications.


Suitable for the following

  • Forklift Loading & Unloading
  • Unique Spacial Requirements
  • Some Modifications


SpecificationsLengthWidthHeightTare Weight
20ft General Purpose External6060mm2440mm2590mm3000kg
20ft General Purpose Internal5900mm2350mm2350mm3000kg
20ft High Cube External6060mm2440mm2890mm2560kg
20ft High Cube Internal5900mm2350mm2690mm2560kg
Side opening

Side opening

For those looking for a versatile storage solution, Canberra Containers offer factory-built equipment with four side-opening doors. These containers provide easy access to your belongings, with a convenient door configuration.

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Side opening

Side opening

This is specialised equipment in both General Purpose and High Cube, generally being only available in One Trip New Condition.

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*Photos are provided as examples of our grading levels and similar to what you can expect to be received. Actual and physical container photos can be provided by email or phone as required. Inspections of our current and available sale options are encouraged in depot when your delivery location is either very close, or ready to accept delivery.

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