Limited Space Containers for Sale or Hire

At Canberra Containers, we understand that not everyone has unlimited space to accommodate 20ft and 40ft general purpose or high cube containers. We offer two sizes and varying conditions, generally One Trip New Condition or a modified and cut-down larger container, so there’s something to suit most requirements and budgets.

Despite not being as cost-effective per m3 as the 20ft and 40ft containers that we stock, limited space containers are sometime necessary when space is at a premium. They are also often used as easy, secure, and vermin-free alternatives to garden sheds.

Suitable for the following

  • One Trip New or Cut-downs available
  • Limited Spaces
  • Garden Sheds
  • Some Modifications


8ft External2438mm2200mm2260mm
8ft Internal2275mm2106mm2050mm
10ft External2991mm2438mm2591mm
10ft Internal2721mm2334mm2276mm
New or ‘One Trip’ Containers

New or ‘One Trip’ Containers

For those with limited storage needs, Canberra Containers offers compact shipping containers. These small containers provide a cost-effective solution for those looking to store their belongings without sacrificing durability and security. Despite their size, these containers are built to withstand the challenges of transportation, making them a reliable and practical choice for those in need of a compact storage solution.

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Front End Cutdown

Front End Cutdown

This is the front half of a quality 20FT Second-hand Container that retains the standard and secure container doors with a modified rear wall.

Refurbished & Resprayed in your choice of our popular standard colour options which also includes a slimline security lock cover.

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Rear Section Roller Door

Rear Section Roller Door

This is the rear half of a quality 20FT Second-hand Container that incorporates a new roller door opening modified into a steel frame.

Refurbished & Resprayed in your choice of our popular standard colour options.

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*Photos are provided as examples of our grading levels and similar to what you can expect to be received. Actual and physical container photos can be provided by email or phone as required. Inspections of our current and available sale options are encouraged in depot when your delivery location is either very close, or ready to accept delivery.

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